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About Truelli Nature

"Natural skin care, bath & body, handcrafted with plant and earth-based ingredients. 100% cruelty free and eco-friendly. Promoting wellness and green living, while protecting wildlife."

Tré is the maker behind Truelli Nature. She makes a hand-crafted line of mindfully-packaged vegan zero waste bath and body products. 

Some of Cero's customer favorites are the vegan soap bars with great smells and designs. Truelli Nature products come with low waste packaging like paper wrapping, paper bags, and reusable glass jars.

These made in Tucson items are very giftable: The bath soaks are nice treat, as are the clay face masks and body butters.

Get to Know Tré

Q: Tell us something we might not know about you.

A: Something you might not know about me..I was born and raised here in Tucson and now enjoy raising my three kids here. I decided to go vegan 3 years ago after being vegetarian for several years on and off. I needed to make a change, not only for my well being and health but for the animals, our planet and our future. It has been life changing, becoming vegan is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Q: How did you get started with your craft/business?
I feel like many things/life lead me on the path to start making my natural skincare line of Truelli Nature products. I have always enjoyed working with my hands, I am quite the "do it yourself" type, but I really took the plunge after several close family members became very ill and/or diagnosed with life altering autoimmune conditions. Finding products free of specific allergens and/or harmful chemicals made shopping incredibly frustrating. It made me open my eyes even wider to all the harmful products stocking the shelves of conventional stores and how unaware the general public is of the fact that most corporations care more about profit than the health of their consumers. I started out only creating products as a pro-wellness hobby for my home, close family & friends, while sharing facts about harmful ingredients and information on how to find safe products that aren't harmful to our ecosystem, in hopes to "open the eyes" of others. People kept coming back for more of my products, so I began making more and more and here we are today.

Q: Where do you struggle with zero waste?
I struggle with zero waste in the aspect of availability and time, especially during this pandemic and the "fast" society we live in. Normally I would go shopping with my reusable bags, get stuff from bulk bins whenever available to restock jars at home and shop as consciously as possible, but now I have to order groceries online and there is no option. Health food/zero waste stores are limited across town and sometimes hard to get to on a busy schedule.


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