ECOVGN Pop-Up Mini-Market Series

Join us on Fridays in November for our new ECOVGN market series! 

November 10, 17, and 24
at Cero, 160 S. Avenida Del Convento, Suite 188
Learn more about participating vendors below. 

Friday, November 16

Sin Fronteras Coffee: 
We are an Indigenous/Chicano coffee biz, sourcing sustainable coffee direct from Chiapas, Mexico. Bringing roasted coffee beans, mexican lattes and coffee. We use oatmilk for lattes too.

Friday, November 17

Barrio Books:
We are an indie bookstore who focuses on representation in literature. Bringing books and gifts for booklovers.

Aall Forms of Life:
Nathalie Aall, of Aall Forms of Life, is a scientific illustrator and wildlife biologist who enjoys creating art to increase public awareness of under-appreciated wildlife and inspire compassion for their conservation. Her approach of meshing biology and art is essential in communicating the beauty and importance of the natural world. She draws inspiration from working in her art studio in the Sonoran Desert, utilizing watercolor, graphite and occasionally ink for her desert illustrations.

The Glass Desert
I translate my love of my desert surroundings into a line of desert-inspired Modern Stained Glass. My work is inspired by my natural surroundings as I strive to pay homage to Tucson's Sonoran Desert. Each piece evokes the personality of the desert and are great for plant lovers with green or black thumbs.

Black Friday, November 24

Chickpea Cuisine
Our company was born from a simple yet crucial mission: to provide wholesome and allergy-friendly alternatives for everyone to enjoy. Fueled by a passion for inclusivity and delicious food, we began crafting sesame-free hummus and soy-free tempeh, ensuring that individuals with allergies could savor these beloved classics without worry. Today, we continue to craft these delectable creations, making mealtimes a joyous experience for all.

A Forever Vibe
Permanent jewelry is custom sized jewelry that is welded on. We use a special jewelry welder to weld the chain together creating a seamless piece. Shop permanent bracelets, anklets, rings and necklaces at the pop-up.