Month of Love Collection

Love Your Home and Body in Zero Waste Style 

Zero Waste Gift Ideas for Yourself or Your Lovers and Friends

We put together a collection of items from Cero and other local favorites for mindfully made, zero waste home, body, and beauty products perfect for treating yourself or gifting to a loved one during the Month of Love or anytime of year. 

Browse a few featured items on this page, or click below to shop the full collection. 

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Intention Candles from Art Over Order

Dreamy candles to soothe you on a day when you need to peace and calm, or to heighten good times. Available in two scents. Naps in the Garden, smells as it self-described, and Subterranean Library, an earthy, mossy scent.

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Dipping Bowls from Agave Pantry 

Beautiful multi-purpose bowls hand-crafted in Tucson. Can be used in the kitchen as serving or condiment bowls, or anywhere in your home to hold beloved items.

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Desert Herbal Hand Sanitizer from Sonoran Rosie 

Stay safe and sanitized with locally made Desert Herbal Hand Sanitizer. Made with home grown natural ingredients, this formula is designed to be a powerful sanitizer that is also good for your skin.

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Reusable Facial Rounds from Hi, Tiger!

Ditch your single use cotton rounds for this luxe washable alternative. These reusable facial rounds are plush and soft, perfect for makeup removal or toner application. Hi, Tiger also makes beautiful lingerie available on her website.

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Enliven Soak from Truelli Nature

The Enliven Bath Soak from Truelli Nature contains rose petals rich in vitamin C & E, along with Himalayan pink salt to soothe. Enjoy an uplifting and calming bath with this soak.

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Dry Massage Brush from Redecker

Wooden massage brush for self exfoliation or a partner massage. A beautiful item to add to our skincare routine.

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Hammered Hoops from Points Jewelry

The most gorgeous hoop earrings we may have laid our eyes on. Available in two colors/materials, they have a textured, hammered look that beautifully bounces light. A couple ways to wear: With the opening behind the ear, or with the opening facing downward as shown in second photo.

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Clay Facial Mask from Truelli Nature

Choose from three different clay masks each with unique ingredients and benefits. Three varieties to choose from: Strawberry Shortcake, Midnight Rose, and Under the Sea. 

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Groom Ya Self Hair + Beard Oil from Art Over Order

It's important for ingredients in your daily routine to be clean and good for you - this includes ingredients in your beard and hair care routine. Try this creosote infused beard or hair oil to moisturize and style.

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Local Favorites

Catscapes Cats



Locally designed & printed tees and things for cat lovers. 

Visit Catscapes online shop.


Monsoon Chocolate

Chocolates and sweet treats for any occasion. Vegan options available, of course! Open on Valentine's Day 2021 for locals.


Visit Monsoon Chocolate Website.


Houlden's Rise Above

These vegan baked goods are available at a few shops around town. 


Visit Houlden's Rise Above Website.


5 Points Tucson

Delightful edible goods, local produce from their farm, and flowers available. 


Visit 5 Points Website.



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