Local Tucson Valentine's Day Gifts, Treats, and Sweets

Whether you need last minute Valentine’s Day ideas, or prefer to opt out of this holiday, here are some ideas for ethical, sustainable gift and experience ideas for your loved ones to help you celebrate love any time of year!

Monsoon Chocolate

With a focus on transparent sourcing of ingredients, and all around mindfulness when it comes to their craft, Monsoon Chocolate is a local favorite when it comes to holiday gift giving. While their bon bons have probably sold out by the time you’re reading this, there are several spots where you can easily grab some last-minute chocolate bars for your loved ones with a sweet tooth: Exo Roast Co., The Food Conspiracy Co-Op, Maynards Market & Kitchen, Rum Runner, Sand Reckoner, and The Loft Cinema! If you pop in to Monsoon Chocolate this weekend, their baked goods and vegan strawberry cookies also make great gifts.

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Bloom Maven

If you didn’t make their Valentine’s Day pre-order window, the Bloom Maven shop has other great gift options at their shop. They have a variety of potted plants and decor that make for long-lasting gifts.

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Lovin’ Spoonfuls

Perfect for the holiday of love given their name, Lovin’ Spoonfuls is a fully vegan restaurant ideal for a more casual date night. They have both sweet and savory items. We love their chili and their pasta!

Visit Lovin’ Spoonfuls Website

Romantic Walk

Carpool with your date or your pals west of town to Gates Pass, or east to Agua Caliente, for an evening picnic and walk to watch the sun set (or sun rise, if that’s your thing!). You can enjoy a little nature and quality time together without a far excursion.

Photo credit    Tucson.com

Photo credit Tucson.com

Directions to Gates Pass

Directions to Ague Caliente

Enjoy a Night In

Go nowhere, buy nothing, and just create a night of magic & fun within your home. Get to know each other all over again, watch an old DVD, look through old photos, or play board games. You can make a creative romantic dinner. If you do want to rent a flick locally, and maybe fill up a growler, you could stop by Casa Video.

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