Cero Feature: VegOut Magazine Zero Waste Kitchen & Laundry Brands

Bamboo Dryer Balls


Have you heard of VegOut Mag? Whether you're browsing on their website or Instagram, they have some of the best vegan news and products to share. We're so grateful they included us in their recent roundup of Zero Waste Kitchen and Laundry Brands. They highlights our Bamboo Dryer Ball from Buddha Bunz which is a vegan alternative to the more widely known, non-vegan wool dryer balls. We're proud to offer the cruelty-free alternative. Excerpt from VegOut Mag:

"9 Zero Waste Kitchen and Laundry Brands for Sustainable Living"

"Whether it’s food wraps, dishwashing brushes, silicone baggies, or paperless towels you’re looking for, these sites have what you need for a zero waste kitchen and laundry experience."

Read the article at vegoutmag.com.

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