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Swishy Oil Pulling Oil

Swishy Oil Pulling Oil

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Art Over Order Swishy mint flavored liquid coconut oil for oil pulling. Take a swig and swish away for gum and tooth health. The benefits of the Ayurvedic technique of oil pulling made even better by the lauric acid present in coconut oil which studies have shown to be effective at killing harmful bacteria and viruses, leaving your breath fresh and happy.

New per ounce pricing: $3 per oz

Ingredients: liquid coconut oil, mint oil

How to use:

  • Without swallowing the product, take a small sip, about 1 teaspoon up to about a tablespoon depending on preference
  • Swish the liquid around all over your mouth trying to reach all areas
  • Swish anywhere between 1 to 15 minutes for cleansing effect
  • Spit oil into trash or container, not dowe n thsink. (Check with your city for local oil and hazardous waste disposal)
  • Rinse well with water