Coconut Scrub Brush

Coconut Scrub Brush

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 This sustainable Coconut Scrub Brush will help complete your earth friendly home cleaning and dish washing routines.



  • Scrubs tough grime
  • Safe on non-stick pans
  • Non-scratch
  • Naturally anti bacterial
  • Free from toxic ingredients
  • Cover all your dish washing needs by using together with the Vegan Dishwashing Block and Swede Dish Cloths


How to Use:

  • Keep wood handle dry
  • Store in a dry spot in between uses
  • You may oil the handle to protect it and reduce cracking if regularly submerging the handle in water
  • If your brush is still retaining moisture, dunk in vinegar routinely to eliminate bacteria
  • Practice using with the least amount of water and soap product needed to get the job done. Save your soap by pre-scrubbing grime with water only. 
  • Let the bristles do the work; apply less pressure during scrubbing to increase lifespan
  • Use until the bristles no longer work 
  • Stop use if you see any mold growth 
  • Home compost or repurpose handle at end of life

Ingredients: Coconut Husk and Teak. “The bristles are made from sustainably farmed coconut husk - the outer part of coconuts - a waste product that is repurposed into useful products.” and “For the wood handle, we do not use the species Teak that is endangered, we use a different species called White Teak wood that is very fast-growing (similar to bamboo) and even considered a weed in some countries because it grows so fast.”

From No Tox Life