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Candle & Lotion Bundle

Candle & Lotion Bundle

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This gift bundle includes two made in Tucson items: One soy wax candle and one jar of lotion.


  • Two candle scents available: Naps in the Garden or Subterranean Library

    • Naps in the Garden: Smells like wet lilacs, damp potting soil, green growing things. Like a nap, face down in the garden after a nice rain.

    • Subterranean Library: Smells like mosses, black tea, damp cave interiors. Smells like thumbing through paperbacks in a cave.

  • Lotion is lightly scented with Atlas Cedar

  • Lotion is packaged in a 2oz reusable, refillable amber glass jar

  • Our products are always vegan and cruelty-free

Candle Ingredients: Soy wax and natural fragrance.

Lotion Ingredients: Grapeseed oil, shea butter, emulsifying vegetable wax, cocoa butter, aloe, essential oils and a paraben free preservative.

These items are both made by Art Over Order. Woman owned, local, hand crafted.