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Sustainable Parent Pack #4

Sustainable Parent Pack #4

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Sustainable Parent Pack #4 contains exclusively Art Over Order products. Art Over Order is woman owned and operated and specializes in formulating products with minimal, natural, vegan, cruelty-free ingredients. This gift bundle is great for parents or anyone looking for a luxurious grooming experience. 


Beard Oil:


  • 1 oz of product in a reusable, refillable amber glass bottle
  • Use for hydrating and styling your beard or hair  

How to Use:

  • Start with less and experiment with using more depending on personal preference

  • Refill or return bottle to Cero when finished for a $1 off your next order

Ingredients: Creosote infused Olive Oil, Essential Oils


Vegan Bar Soap

Creosote & Calendula (Triangle Shape)

  • Best for sensitive skin

  • Super gentle and non-stripping

  • Very gentle creosote/calendula scent

  • Bars are approximately 2.2 oz

  • Ingredients: *creosote infused olive oil, *creosote infused coconut oil, *shea butter, water, calendula flowers, yellow clay, rosemary essential oil. *oils saponified using lye, no lye remains in end product

Prickly Pear & Cedar Tips:

  • Great for sensitive skin, gently scented of atlas cedar. Similar to the Oh Soft Lotion if you’ve tried this Art Over Order product.

  • Made with cedar tips sourced locally from the Tucson Herb Store and prickly pear fruit from our home

  • Bars are approximately 3.5oz

  • Ingredients: *Coconut oil, *olive oil, water, prickly pear juice, cedar tips, yellow clay, atlas cedar essential oil *oils saponified using lye