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Sustainable Parent Pack #5

Sustainable Parent Pack #5

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Sustainable Parent Pack #5 is great for dads with beards or a mustache, or any creosote lover. All persons can enjoy this pack for shaving unwanted hair, and hydrating wanted hair.


Safety Razor


  • Includes 10 pack of blades.
  • New safety razor users, it will take just a little relearning before you’re back up to typical speed.
  • Use with your shaving soap of choice.

Save your blades! Collect any used razor blade into the provided envelope and return to us for recycling with the vendor.

Made by Albatross Designs.

Beard Oil:


  • 1 oz of product in a reusable, refillable amber glass bottle
  • Use for hydrating and styling your beard or hair  

How to Use:

  • Start with less and experiment with using more depending on personal preference

  • Refill or return bottle to Cero when finished for a $1 off your next order

Ingredients: Creosote infused Olive Oil, Essential Oils

Made by Art Over Order.