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Sustainable Parent Pack #2

Sustainable Parent Pack #2

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A perfect shaving duo: Reusable metal razor that last forever + a simple, sustainable alternative to plastic bottled after shaves and facial toners. 


  • Includes one Butterfly Safety Razor (plus 10 Pack of Blades, Blade Recycling Envelope, and Carrying Pouch) and 5oz of Witch Hazel in an assorted transport jar
  • New safety razor users, it will take just a little relearning before you’re back up to typical speed.
  • Save your blades! Collect any used razor blade into the provided envelope and return to us for recycling with the vendor.

How to use witch hazel :

  • If first time using witch hazel, spot test before using
  • Use a small amount as after shave or as a facial toner in your skinecare routine

How to use safety razor:

  • Spin the tip of the handle counterclockwise to open up razor head
  • Carefully grab razor blades from the sides - always from the sides! 
  • Place into razor head and spin the tip of the handle tightly clockwise
  • Use with soap of choice for shave areas of choice.
  • Be extra cautious in tight corners
  • When using brand new blades, also practice extra caution 
  • Shake and blow out to dry, store dry
  • Replace blades when dull, or about every 1-2 months depending on frequency of use 

Razor from Albatross Designs.