Castile Soap

Castile Soap

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Sold in bulk refill in person, this castile soap is available online in 8oz or 16oz sizes. Choose from unscented, Neroli, and Spirit Cleanse scents. Castile soap is a versatile soap made from saponified vegetable oils. 


  • Formulated without harmful sulfates, fragrances, carcinogens found in soaps. Scented using natural essential oils.
  • Designed primarily as a head to toe body soap, can also be used for your dishes or your pets 

How to Use:

  • Use as you would any hand or body soap.
  • Start with less and add more as needed.
  • Use in making DIY laundry detergent at home.


  • Four ingredients: Saponified oils (coconut, olive), water, glycerin.
  • Five ingredients for scented with essential oils.


Made by Art Over Order.


Scent Descriptions

Unscented: Great soap, without the scent. Ideal for sensitive skin types.

Oh! Sweet Neroli: Smells fresh and clean. neroli is an orange blossom. Tucson summer smell when the orange trees are blooming. Pretty fresh, delicate scent. Good for people who are sensitive to scents but want just a little bit of something.

Spirit Cleanse: Tough call, but we think Spirit Cleanse is the most popular soap so far. Scented with palo santo and sandalwood. Frankincense. Freshener for your aura. Palo Santo is traditionally a spirit cleansing scent. Smudge your area with sage, cleanse your body with palo santo soap.